Organic Press

1. Where can I buy and how much are the organic products in Ukraine?
After a wave of product variety choice Ukrainian satisfied his desire to try exotic and tasty. Today alternative delicacy, made with the addition of taste stimulants and other harmful preservatives, food is of organic origin.

2. Land - is alive organism
"Environmentally clean product". It seems, if fruit, Vegetables or meat выращены on land удаленных from metallurgic kombynatov or hymzavodov such products already on yourself is the most environmentally net. 
Not here it was! And if yspolzovalys пестициды to grow? And if the family genetic модифицированные (GMO)? And if yahnenka, out of which it is prepared эта juicy otbyvnaya alive beaten palkoy (to ensure that meat was mushy and nezhnee)? Can whether this name "environmentally clean"?

3. Eat - will soon be old
"Dear, bake a cake! - How can I bake it? At home there is no flour, no sugar, no E182 or E479 ...». You can laugh if it was not so sad. Today in Ukraine there is little of their own products in the production of which is used to supplement.

4. Organic approach
With approval of that country countryside branch need of new approach and qualitative changes, sohlasytsya, perhaps, everyone. This, and at the alternative path of development of the agricultural sector we talked with President of the Organic Federation of Ukraine - Eugene Milovanov.

5. GMO or organic production?
Last year in December the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine held a press conference entitled "GMO or organic production? the presence of Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Sergey Melnik, winner of international prizes Right Livelyhood Award (2007), famous as the "Alternative Nobel Prize", Percy Shmayzer, and chairman of the Organic Federationt of Ukraine Eugene Milovanov. 

6. Playing on organics
The last few years the world market for organic products gave splendid figures - 16-22% growth annually. In the crisis in 2009 that figure is projected to fall below 10%. However, manufacturers of profile products do not lose heart. In their view, have already formed a class of socially responsible consumers who do not desist from "green" products ever. In Russia, however, these hopes were unfounded: the consumer we have the best of times treated for a truly clean and, accordingly, expensive products without proper attention.

7. Organic products. Demand without law
Anyone who is afraid of food with genetic modification and chemical additives, and is looking for organic products. 
By habit architect Svetlana Egorova, picking up something edible from the shop shelves, look at a label tschas find her markings organic. I'm going with that note, she bought several years before studying in London. At home this food can rarely find - or rather, almost never.

8. The organic movement in the world and Ukraine
16-19 February 2006 in Nuremberg (Germany), an exhibition of organic (environmentally friendly) products, which is already the fourth time, was attended by representatives of Ukraine. It turns out that in our country for over 20 years of operational management, adhering to the principles of organic production, and even certified for compliance with international and European standards. In addition, the Ukrainian market are cosmetics and food products of foreign companies - well-known manufacturers of environmentally friendly products. On this and many other correspondent Weekly CHEMIST "explained Eugene Milovanov (EM), chairman of the Federation of Organic Movement of Ukraine, and Ludmila Chayun (L.Ch.), marketingmenedzher company" Business Center Pharmacy.

9. Organic Farming
For me, organic farming is, first, conscious and careful attitude to the planet-mother, as living beings, is a philosophy of life, when stavyshsya respect for all life. It is understood that in Nature we are all interconnected and nothing is superfluous. In organic farming there is no concept of pests and weeds, and when they occur in excessive amounts, it indicates that a person has violated the natural ecosystem and is the wrong entity.


10. Field no plow, no soul driver
Practical advice specialists PP "Agroecology" for farmers 
Our economy does not plow the soil from 1975. In 1978 not apply herbicides and pesticides. It has been ten years does not make synthetic fertilizers. They completely replace organic fertilizers and syderalni pair. So we have found for themselves, simulate the natural reproduction of soil fertility and can prepare it so that it gave a good harvest.  READ MORE


11. Without chemistry, GMO and ... public support
Part of organic products on the domestic market until лишь amounts to 0.1 percent. 
Opinion of experts on the development of organic market in Ukraine.READ MORE